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Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Information Technology Service Management Foundation | T-ITSMF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Threats Foundation | T-CVTF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001/2:2022 | T-ISF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Agile Scrum Foundation based on Scrum Guide 2020 | T-ASF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped ISO/IEC 20000 :2018 Foundation | T-20KF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation | T-GDF

Professional Level

IT-Shaped General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Professional | T-GDP

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) Foundation | T-LGF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Secure Programming Foundation | T-SPF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Business Continuity Managament based on ISO/IEC 22301 Foundation | T-BCMF

Foundation Level

IT-Shaped Green IT Foundation | T-GIF

Principles Level

IT-Shaped Green IT Principles | T-GIP

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It's NOT More of The Same

At IT-Shaped, exams are built by instructors, not by consultants with no hands-on experience. The exams are prepared after exhaustive training. It’s the last step in the learning process.

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How Does It Work?

Your Best Certification Path

Following the T-Shaped concept, you’ll choose a generalist and fundamental line of study (the horizontal line of the letter “T”) and then become an expert in a single field (the vertical line of the “T”).





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Why this Exam?

Artificial Intelligence Monitoring

Your online exam is automatically monitored and the session is recorded for further analysis. To ensure integrity, you must present a photo document.

The system will compare the photo of your document with your face. Therefore, you must allow the recording and picture of both your screen and your room.

Your computer screen, face and voice will be recorded for safety and legitimacy purposes.

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